Dear Photographers,

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 8.42.23 PMAt A Jane And Jules Wedding Production, we create music video style Photo Montage Slideshows using our customer’s digital photographs from their Wedding, Honeymoon, Engagement shoots, or personally taken pictures. We do not take the pictures ourselves, so we are currently looking for a few good photographers to work with (Examples of Montage Slideshows are at the bottom of the page).

You take such beautiful pictures of your client’s Big Day that, unfortunately, only a very few people will ever get to see. WE offer a creative way to display and show off your client’s wedding pictures to ALL of their friends and family… while still giving the credit to You, their photographer! After creating the Montage Slideshow, we give the couple 2 DVD or Blu Ray copies of the Slideshow and a personal webpage displaying the slideshow that they can share with All their friends and family.
Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 8.34.49 PMWe offer Slideshow packages that play anywhere from 1-4 songs, depending on the number of pictures of the event. Our packages range from $50 – $500. We currently have two different deals we are offering to photographers – a plan where you refer your past and current customers to us, or a plan where you offer the Montage Slideshow to your customers as a product from YOU.

The Basics:

~DEAL #1 for Photographers (Referral):

   1. We will give you 15% of the package price that is purchased by someone you refer to us.
   2. We will display your name (and ours) at the end of the Montage Slideshow.

   3. We will also display your name on the webpage under the Montage Slideshow.

(The customer gets a personal webpage displaying their Montage Slideshow that they can share with all of their friends and family AND DVD copies of the Montage Slideshow.)

~Deal #2 for Photographers (Direct from You):

   1. You charge your customers as much as you want for the Montage Slideshow.
   2. You pay US $250 for a 2 song Montage Slideshow, $300 for a 3 song Montage Slideshow, or $350 for a 4 song Montage Slideshow (depending on the number of pictures).
   3. We put your name at the end of each video, but we do not put our name on it.
   4. We will also display your name under the Montage Slideshow if you choose to have it posted on a webpage.

   5. The end result will look like it came from you. You can sell it as an additional add-on to your packages, or sell it as an A La Carte item.

(The customer will get DVD copies of the Montage Slideshow and you can choose whether or not to have a webpage for them displaying their Montage Slideshow. {If you choose to offer a webpage, either you can host it or we can for no additional charge to you}).

Both of these deals will not only work with your current and future clients, but also with your past clients. Your past clients already have the digital copies of the beautiful pictures you took of their wedding just sitting there waiting to be displayed. All it will take is an email from you either telling them about our service, or an email from you offering to make them a Montage Slideshow of their wedding, at the price you choose. It’s a great way for you to make some additional money from the events you have already spent days and weeks working on!

We invite you to watch our Video Montage Slideshow below and check out our website to see how we can transform the digital pictures you take for your clients into a beautiful Montage Slideshow that your clients will watch over and over again and want to share with everyone! (And each time someone watches the Video Montage Slideshow, they will also see your name!) This is a great way not only for you to make more money, but also to get your name in front of many more people.

Wedding Photo Montage

Engagement Photo Montage

Click Here to see more examples of our Montage Slideshows.

 If you are interested in working with us, please fill out the contact form below, or email us at:

Thank you for your time.


Jane & Jules


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